Crooked Cove Mysteries

By Carly Wayne

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Introducing the captivating “Crooked Cove Mysteries” series! Join Teddy Aarons, the spirited female bartender at the Seven Stars Inn & Tavern, as she unravels secrets, uncovers mysteries, and delves into the depths of intrigue in the enchanting village of Crooked Cove on the Caribbean island of Mahina Cay. Get ready for a thrilling journey filled with twists, turns, and suspense as Teddy becomes the unlikely detective in this charming coastal community. Follow along as Teddy mixes cocktails, serves up clues, and shakes loose the truth in the Crooked Cove Mysteries. Step into a world where every corner holds a secret, and every sip leads to revelation. Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of Crooked Cove?

Book 1

Cocktails & Casualties

Teddy Aarons is a nomad, using her bartending skills as an excuse to move to a new luxury resort with each change of the season. But when she finds herself stuck on the remote island of Mahina Cay, she finds refuge in the quirky little Township of Crooked Cove.

Crooked Cove is a village of expats from various countries, and the people are welcoming, but she only intends to stay long enough to make the money to get off the island and back to her real life.. However, when one of the village’s most distinguished citizens turns up dead, it’s up to her to either solve the case or become a permanent resident of the slammer!

With her new friend Jasmine on her side, Teddy will do whatever it takes to shake out the truth and stir up the real killer to clear her name.  Will she manage to keep herself out of lockup, or will she end up under the influence of the Mahina Cay Prison?

Reviews for Cocktails & Casualties

"With shocking plot twists, a couple of competing love interests, and a number of suspicious local side characters who have clear motives for murder, I was completely wrapped up in the story from start to finish. I recommend COCKTAILS AND CASUALTIES to cozy mystery readers ready for a fun new series to enjoy."
"The pacing was wonderful and all the characters well fleshed out. I enjoyed my time in Crooked Cove and look forward to returning, where (hopefully) I'll see more of Santi! Definitely recommended by me."
"A relaxing setting, if not for the crime, Cocktails & Casualties is an entertaining whodunnit with lots of clues, vivid descriptions, and food and drinks that immersed me in this cozy mystery from the first page to the last."

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