New Bartender Brings Fresh Spirit to The Seven Stars

Get to know Teddy Aarons, Hawk’s newest employee at the Seven Stars Inn & Tavern

Local Artist "Jazz" Guthrie Takes Top Honors at Palette of Possibilities Contest

Jasmine “Jazz” Guthrie claimed top prize this week in the annual Palette of Possibilities contest sponsored by Artistic Alchemy art supplies

Fire Lieutenant Nathan Manning named Bachelor of the Year

Nathan Manning, lieutenant of the Crooked Cove Fire Department and part time attorney, was voted Bachelor of the Year by the readers of the MorningTide Gazette for the third year in a row

Around Town

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Find the most important stories from the history of Crooked Cove.

Car Accident on Banyan Rd

26 April 2020 - Police and rescue responded to an accident last night just outside the cemetery on Banyan Road. The driver, Rose Brady, was non-responsive. She was taken to Memorial Hospital...

Strange Disturbances at Sacred Slumber Cemetery

15 October 2000 - For the past seven days the police have been fielding calls reporting strange sounds and lights emanating from Sacred Slumber Cemetery. While the soil from several graves has been disturbed, Sheriff Mark Young assures us ...

James Hawkins purchases Bonfils Estate

19 July 1973 - James "Hawk" Hawkins, heir to the Black Gold Basin Oil Dynasty in Texas, U.S.A., recently purchased the Bonfils estate on the southern tip of Crooked Cove. Hawk says he intends to renovate the historic home and open a restaurant and bar...


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