New Bartender Brings Fresh Spirit to The Seven Stars Inn & Tavern

Meet Teddy Aarons, the Dynamic Woman Behind the Bar

The Seven Stars, the beloved tavern in our charming town, is getting a taste of fresh energy and vibrant vibes with its newest addition to the team. Teddy Aarons, an experienced and enthusiastic bartender with an intriguing past, has joined the establishment, promising to shake things up with her mixology skills and charismatic personality.

As the doors swing open, inviting patrons to enter the cozy ambiance of The Seven Stars Inn & Tavern, one can’t help but notice the new face behind the bar. Teddy Aarons, a woman with an infectious smile and a passion for mixology, is already leaving a lasting impression on the locals and visitors alike.

With a warm welcome, Teddy quickly establishes rapport with the customers, exuding confidence and a genuine interest in their stories. Behind the bar counter, she effortlessly navigates the array of bottles and shakers, expertly crafting signature cocktails that tantalize the taste buds of the patrons.

In an exclusive interview with our newspaper, Teddy shared her journey from working in renowned resorts across the country to finding herself in our humble town of Crooked Cove. “I’ve had the opportunity to work in some incredible places,” she began. “From the beautiful resorts in Biloxi, MS, to the vibrant scene in Miami, FL, and the picturesque charm of Carmel, CA, I’ve learned so much about mixology and customer service along the way.”

Teddy’s experience working in bustling locations like New York City has honed her skills, and she now brings that expertise to The Seven Stars, infusing the tavern with a touch of urban sophistication. Her repertoire of cocktail recipes draws inspiration from her diverse background, incorporating flavors and techniques she’s acquired during her bartending journey.

However, Teddy’s story is not just about her professional accomplishments but also her personal triumphs. Raised in a series of foster homes, Teddy faced numerous challenges while growing up. But her indomitable spirit and love for mixology guided her through difficult times, shaping her into the resilient and talented bartender she is today.

“I’ve learned to appreciate the power of connection and the impact a friendly face behind the bar can have,” Teddy shared, her eyes filled with empathy. “Perhaps my upbringing taught me to cherish those moments of human connection even more. When I see people enjoying their drinks and creating memories, it brings me a sense of fulfillment.”

In a twist of fate that led her to our town, Teddy recounted an unexpected adventure that brought her to Crooked Cove. “I was on a 14-day cruise, taking a much-needed break from my previous job, when an unfortunate mishap occurred. I missed the boat’s departure, stranding me on this beautiful island,” she explained with a laugh. “Little did I know that it would be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.”

Since her unexpected arrival, Teddy has embraced Crooked Cove with open arms, finding solace in the close-knit community and the beauty of its surroundings. She cherishes the genuine connections she’s made with the locals and the opportunity to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at The Seven Stars.

With Teddy’s diverse background, unwavering determination, and captivating presence, The Seven Stars is poised to become an even more treasured destination for locals and visitors alike. Her expertise in mixology, coupled with her heartfelt approach to customer service, ensures that each visit to the tavern is a memorable experience.

So, the next time you step into The Seven Stars, make sure to raise your glass to Teddy Aarons. She’s here to make your evenings at the tavern unforgettable with her signature drinks and charismatic presence.

Remember, folks, good drinks and good times await you at The Seven Stars – now with Teddy Aarons as the cherry on top!